Summer Protein Box


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Summer Protein Box

Summer Protein Box

Hereford Beef Burger 4oz – Pack of 8

Norfolk Chicken Fillets 5-6oz – Pack of 10 

Norfolk Chicken Thighs – Pack of 10 

Cherry Orchard Pork Loin Steaks 142g – Pack of 4

Kent Lamb Loin Chops 3-4oz – Pack of 10  

Hereford Sirlion Steaks 8oz – Pack of 4

Our carefully selected Protein Meat Box is packed full of an amazing selection of your favourite lean cuts. Weighing on average 5.5kg, you really are getting a huge amount of meat for your money!

A great box for bodybuilders, slimmers or large families alike, this pack contains lots of high protein quality meats, great for a healthy eating plan.


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