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Atlantic Seared Tuna Tataki - N&C Produce 1
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Fresh New Atlantic Seared Tuna Tataki – N&C Produce 1

Atlantic Seared Tuna Tataki This simple Asian Atlantic Seared Tuna Tataki dish is super-healthy and will have your taste buds singing.  Ingredients For Atlantic Seared Tuna Tataki tuna loin 1 long, 300-400g groundnut oil 1 tsp black and white sesame seeds 2 tbsp English mustard for brushing microleaves, baby salad leaves or chives to serve […]

Tuna steaks

Tuna Steaks 1kg – Serves 4 –

Fresh Tuna Steaks comes in a long loin that a fishmonger cuts into hearty steaks. Depending on the variety, raw tuna varies from light pink to a reddish-brown colour. Steaks are sold already skinned. When purchasing, figure on one 4- to 5-ounce tuna steak per person. If frozen, thaw tuna steaks in the refrigerator.

Pork Mince

Pork Mince – 1kg – Premium Free Range – Great Quality

Pork Mince – More Superior in Nutrients & Flavour than Standard Pork

Our free range pork mince is made from prime cuts of shoulder and is incredibly tasty. We feel our pork is more superior in flavour and nutrients compared to standard pork products.

This is due to the natural forage based diet of the pigs. Free range pork mince makes a great alternative to beef mince and many recipes work well using with both beef and pork mince together. Why not try making some classic meatballs?

Our free range pork is reared in a system that has health and welfare at its heart. These pigs are not certified organic but have the space to roam and root.

The pigs are reared on a high proportion of pasture approved foods including fresh pasture, local vegetables and Lucerne silage.

The pigs will receive some grains and a mix of foods to help them achieve essential nutrients such as copper sulphate. They are also reared without the use of routine antibiotics.

sirloin steaks on a bbq grill
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BBQ Meats Plus BBQ CHEFS 1ST CLASS SERVICE – Discover N&C Produce

BBQ Meats Plus BBQ CHEFS 1ST CLASS SERVICE Bbq meats Plus Bbq Chefs 1st class service is a new addition to our online Meat & Seafood supplier service. Entertain your guest while we cook you up a storm of flavours. Whether you’re planning a tiny backyard picnic for the family […]

Venison Steaks

Venison Steaks – 1kg – Tender & Juicy – Beautiful Rich Flavour

Venison Steaks – Rich in Flavour – Just Stunning

What does Venison taste like

Some folks appreciate gaminess in their meat, but many who are used to farm-raised meat find it off-putting. You can easily disguise that gamey taste with seasons and marinades, but fortunately, you don’t even have to do that. The venison for sale here at Steaks and Game comes from farm-raised deer, and therefore has zero gamey taste!

What is the Best Cut of Venison

The most reliably tender cut is trimmed loin not matter what age the deer is. In young deer, haunch steaks a wonderfully tender, where older deer, they can become dry very quickly when cooked. You can even cook shoulder steaks from young deer if left pink.

Healthy Shellfish - Loaded with Protein
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Healthy Shellfish 1 – Improves Zinc + Improves Immune Function

Healthy Shellfish – Delivered by N&C Produce How to Shop for Healthy Seafood N&C Generate Co. N&C Create blog site// N&C Generate pointers for healthy and balanced living// healthy way of living ideas from an integrative nutrition health train Fish and healthy shellfish can be an especially healthy and balanced […]

chicken liver

Chicken Liver – 1kg

Chicken Liver
Chopped Chicken Livers Are the Perfect Appetizer

Delicious pâtés can liven the appetizer tray of any dinner party or special occasion, but fancy pâtés can be very expensive. In contrast, chicken livers are quite affordable.

The next time you plan on entertaining, prepare some chopped chicken livers and add them to your selection of hors d’oeuvres. I’m confident that your guests will enjoy your delicious treat and be very impressed with your culinary acumen when you tell them that you made the pâté yourself!

King Scallops

King Scallops – Each – Special Occasion

King Scallop

How long does it take to cook a Scallop Shell

Scallops have two fan-shaped shells which contain rounds of firm white flesh, sometimes with the edible cream and orange coral (or roe) attached.

These scallops, delicately flavoured with fresh herbs, lemon zest and rich hazelnuts, take less than ten minutes to cook. Scallops can be bought in or out of their shells.

What are some Good Recipes for Scallop Ceviche 

Try Vineet Bhatia’s Scallop, tuna and mango ceviche for a wonderful easy seafood starter, or Simon Hulstone visually stunning Scallop ceviche with golden beetroot recipe. If making ceviche remember to use the freshest fish possible. Want more recipes like these in your inbox?