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whole raw ham

Whole Ham Raw 4-6kg

A whole ham can weigh 10 lbs. to 20 lbs. or more, but are generally sold in halves. They are fairly low in fat but high in sodium and are available bone-in, semi-boneless or boneless. There are three basic types of Whole ham. The types are explained below.

Do you want your ham aged, or do you want it pre-cooked?

With so many choices, they are categorized based on the different ways of cutting, curing, cooking, smoking, or aging.

Some tend to cost more than others because they undergo a combination of these processes.

sliced honey roast ham

Sliced Honey Roast Ham – 1kg

Sliced Honey Roast Ham – 1kg Cooked and honey roasted Wiltshire cured ham is formed from selected cuts of pork leg meat. Steeped in Wiltshire brine, this ham is hung and carefully matured and marinated and roasted in honey for a caramelised finish. This sliced honey roast ham is perfect with freshly baked bread […]


Family BBQ Hamper

Family BBQ Hamper Norfolk Chicken Thighs in BBQ Glaze – Pack of 10  Norfolk Chicken Wings – 50x Mids + Primes Kent Lamb Loin Chops 3-4oz – Pack of 10  Kent Lamb Kofta Kebabs – Pack of 10 Hereford Beef 4oz Gourmet Burgers – Pack of 8 Hereford Sirloin Steaks […]


Garden BBQ Hamper

Garden BBQ Hamper Norfolk Chicken Fillets 5-6oz – Pack of 10 Hereford Beef 4oz Gourmet Burgers – Pack of 10 Norfolk Chicken Drumsticks – Pack of 10 Norfolk Chicken Wings – 50x Mids + Primes Cherry Orchard Pork Spare Ribs – Pack of 30 Southdown Lamb Kofta Kebabs – Pack […]

honey roast ham

Honey Roast Ham – 1kg

Honey Roast Ham – 1kg Cooked and honey roasted Wiltshire cured ham formed from selected cuts of pork leg meat, our Honey Roast Ham is simply the best! Steeped in Wiltshire brine, hung to carefully mature and marinated and roasted in honey for a caramelised finish. Our honey Roast  is perfect for meat platters […]

Smoked Gammon Joint

Horseshoe Gammon Smoked – 4kg – Great Flavour – Just Love

Horseshoe Gammon Smoked – Tender Tasty oh and that Smoked was Delicious

Whole Smoked Horseshoe Gammon 4kg joint will arrive ready to roast. The horseshoe shape gives this gammon its unusual name. Beautifully tender and full of our lovely smoky flavour,

this whole Smoked Gammon will serve a large party of people, approx. 16 depending on portion sizes. It’s a prime rind-on gammon taken from the centre of the leg.

How to cook a Smoked Gammon Joint.

Boiled, baked or roasted, smoked gammon joints are a traditional meal served in many British homes.  The type of wood chips that the gammon joints are smoked over determines their smoky flavour.  Ours are smoked over oak chips, for a period of 14 to 16 hours, to create our truly incredible flavour, with no extra colours added.

A Smoked Gammon Joint is an ideal meal for busy cooks because it’s simple enough to prepare for a weekday meal, yet tasty, and attractive enough to serve to unexpected guests.

Beef short ribs/slow cooked/N&C
Butcher Meats, Beef

Beef Short Ribs 1/slow cooked/N&C

Beef short ribs/slow cooked/N&C How To Cook Beef Brief Ribs – The Perfect Classic Dish – N&C Produce LET’S TALK BEEF SHORT RIBS: When it involves preparing a terrific meal, you can’t go wrong with beef brief ribs. They include tempting pieces of rich, juicy meat and also melty, tender […]

Pork Fillet / Tenderloin
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Pork Fillet / Tenderloin 1kg

Pork Fillet / Tenderloin uses , baked, grilled / bbq Similar to all quadrupeds, the Pork Fillet / Loin describes the major muscle along the central spine section, ventral to the back vertebrae. This is the most soft part of the animal, due to the fact that these muscular tissues are utilised […]

mixed grill

Mixed Grill Pack – Chop/Sausage/Gammon/Steak

A Mixed Grill is a Plate of Food Containing – Pork Chop – Sausage – Gammon – Rump Steak – Also can Add Tomato Mushrooms French Fries – A Wonderful Combination of Meats to Enjoy all on 1 Plate

As always, it’s important to use the best quality meats available, and that you can afford. It is so disappointing when you realise-from that first bite-that the meat does not match the amount of effort you’ve put in to preparing the meal!


Summer Protein Box

Summer Protein Box Hereford Beef Burger 4oz – Pack of 8 Norfolk Chicken Fillets 5-6oz – Pack of 10 Norfolk Chicken Thighs – Pack of 10 Cherry Orchard Pork Loin Steaks 142g – Pack of 4 Kent Lamb Loin Chops 3-4oz – Pack of 10 Hereford Sirloin Steaks 8oz – […]