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Crab Claws

Crab Claws – Atlantic – 1kg

What is best way to serve Crab Claws

The claws take on the glorious garlic butter taste. Add the chopped parsley and toss to coat. The fresh parsley works perfectly with the garlic and sweet crab meat. Serve the crab claws once they are heated through.

Spoon the delicious garlic butter over the claws. Any excuse for a pouring shot. Not often I get to pour butter!

How to make Stir Fry with Crab Claws

Drop in the crab claws and cook for 12 minutes. Remove the crab claws from the water and place onto a chopping board. For the stir-fry sauce. Blend the chilli, garlic and 75g of sliced ginger in a food processor until a rough paste is formed.

Crab Bisque

Crab Bisque 420g – Serves 2

Crab Bisque

Description This decadent crab bisque is full of real crab meat, seasoned perfectly and thickened with cream. For an extra layer of flavour and depth, sherry is added at the end.

Cromer Crab Dressed

Cromer Crab Dressed – 200g

Cromer Crab Dressed

Description. Brown Devon Crab which is steamed rather than boiled and then handpicked resulting in a supreme quality dressed crab. The meat is robust and full of flavour. One of the best dressed crab we have tasted.

devon crab meat

Devon Crab Meat Tub – 500g

Devon Crab Meat Tub – 500g Devon Crab Meat is the best producer of fresh, handpicked crab meat. Crab and crabmeat is a key part of our business. We also sell lobsters, craw fish, scallops and spider Crab to all our lovely customers locally and nationally.


Crabsticks – 48 Per Box

Crabsticks x 48 Crab flavoured surimi sticks with added water and starch. Responsibly sourced sweet white fish sticks individually wrapped for your convenience. This fish in this product comes from a fishery that has been independently certified to the MSC’s standard for a well managed and sustainable fishery. 

Fresh Coohed Cornish whole crab

Fresh Cooked Cornish Whole Crab

Fresh Cooked Cornish Whole Crab  Whole King Crab – wild, 6.6 lb / 3 kg, from Alaska. The red king crab (Paralithodes camtschaticus), also called Kamchatka crab or Alaskan king crab, is a species of king crab native to the far northern Pacific Ocean, including the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska.

Seafood Platter

Seafood Platter 10 – Swoon over this delectable Selection of Seafood


Our luxury platters add a real touch of class, elegance and sophistication to any occasion. Friday night indulgent treat, to dinner party. We can tailor these to your specification. Our platters are supplied with juicy lemons, muslin rounds to wrap your lemon and ribbon to compliment your display.

We can also include our luxury homemade sauces – Marie whiskey laced Marie-Rose sauce or Oui Maree – a rich garlicky, creamy dressing which you’ll want to devour.

Seafood Platter – Order in 2 Forms – Large at £70 or Small at £50

Seafood Platter – Comprises of the following,

Lobster x1 – Crab Dressed x1 – Cockles – Shrimps – Prawns

Salmon – King Prawns – Crayfish – Winkles – Whelks

Additionally we have added Lemon Wedges + Batavia for Decoration..

Presentationally looks Excellent

Large Platter will Serve 4 People

Small Platter will Serve 2 People

Healthy Shellfish - Loaded with Protein
Fish & Seafood, Fish, Mussels, Oysters, Prawns, Salmon, Scallops

Healthy Shellfish 1 – Improves Zinc + Improves Immune Function

Healthy Shellfish – Delivered by N&C Produce How to Shop for Healthy Seafood N&C Generate Co. N&C Create blog site// N&C Generate pointers for healthy and balanced living// healthy way of living ideas from an integrative nutrition health train Fish and healthy shellfish can be an especially healthy and balanced […]